Order code BD91
Designer name iGuzzini
Installation The floodlight can be installed on a pole (even with an arm), with a single (ø60/ø76 mm), double (ø60/ø76 mm) or triple (ø60/ø76/ø102 mm) pole-top attachment, or it can be wall-mounted. Installation on a pole may be flush with 6000 mm, 7000 mm or 8000 mm poles (from iGuzzini), or external (with poles not from iGuzzini). Versions with poles for burial and with base plate. Installation on pole with arms, made of hot galvanised steel coated with acrylic liquid paint, using a flange with ø102 mm (for all poles) or with screws (only for iGuzzini poles).
Wiring The attachment guarantees the completely safe passage of power cables, preventing piercing. The product is powered by cables from a pre-wiring box with terminal board and 4A T fuse. Resistance to mains voltage peaks up to 4KV (with varistor). Product perfect watertightness at the power cable entry point is guaranteed by the PG M24x1.5 mm cable clamp made of thermoplastic material, thrust ring and rubber gasket, achieving insulation class II.
Notes IK10 with accessory
Place of use Outdoor